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Effluent Pumps in Several Types, Sizes and Materials

An effluent pump is used inside a septic tank and used primarily for pumping semi-clear liquids, submersible centrifugal effluent pumps can pass 5/8" solids.


Turbine pumps are similar to fresh water-well pumps but work best when installed in applications where the effluent is filtered. Rankin EcoWater, Terre Haute, offers a variety of turbine pumps for new applications or to replace S.T.E.P. system effluent pumps for peat filter, mound systems, and sand filter low-pressure dosing systems.


Our effluent pumps are designed for long trouble-free operation and have a 90-day money-back guarantee. They have a stainless steel corrosion resistant construction, and a hermetically sealed motor.

We stock turbine type effluent pumps capable of pumping against relatively high static heads.

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Contact us at 812-238-2535 for assistance in selecting the type of float switch or automatic control to suit your application.

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Ultraviolet (UV) effluent sterilization for health protection

Ultraviolet (UV) Effluent Sterilization is used for back-end sterilization on ATUs in open discharge. Our Salcor UV sterilization beats chlorinators hands down. The new UV sterilizing unit is designed for gravity flow from a secondary treatment plant or sand filter.


Ultraviolet (UV) Effluent Sterilization ensures public health protection on problem or ecologically sensitive sites without the undesirable chemical side effects of chlorine or mechanical complexity of ozone generators. According to USPHS standards, 16,000 micro-watts/cm2 (6,600 to kill fecal coliform) is required for drinking water.


The Salcor Unit supplies 30,000 micro-watts/cm2 of UV radiation which makes the discharge levels of contaminants and nutrients so low that they are safe for open discharge where permitted. Check out our

FAQ page to learn more about water treatment systems.

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