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Stainless Steel Constructed Submersible Sump, Sewage, Fountain, and Centrifugal Pump High Head Grinder Power-Flo Grinder Pump

Power-Flo Grinder Pumps with a 2-Year Limited Warranty

Power-Flo grinder pump is suitable for systems requiring high-pressure sewage pumping. It features a hardened 440 stainless steel cutter for shearing solids into small particles and does not need an expensive control panel.


Whether you’re replacing an existing grinder pump or customizing a new sewage system, this pump can be packaged within any number of tank sizes. You can take advantage of our financing option to install this system.


Use the Power-Flo grinder pump for groups of homes, motels, schools, shopping centers, lakefront developments and systems requiring high pressure sewage pumping.

Power-Flo grinder pump meets the demanding needs of commercial and residential sewage applications.


We have 90 years of business experience and offer the most durable grinder pumps available. Let us know if you also need:  


EcoWater systems

Sump / Effluent pumps

Sewage pumps



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High head grinders for long and reliable service

High head grinders are ideal for long discharge runs and high static head applications. They meet requirements for rugged municipal service.

All are stainless steel constructed submersible sump, sewage, fountain, and centrifugal pumps


These models are available up to 2 HP and offer such features as double mechanical shaft seals, air-filled motors, can operate fully or partially submerged, continuous duty rated. The grinders have grit resistant silicon carbide seals, and double ball bearing design.


There are standard, custom, simplex and duplex ejector packages for commercial, industrial and municipal applications. The packages include pumps, controls, basins, covers and alarms, matched to meet your requirements. Call Rankin EcoWater, Terre Haute, today to get a quote for your utility and grinder pumps.

Speak to us to know which pump is best for your application