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SJE Rhombus Products image-placeholder-220x305 Model TD control panel

SJE Rhombus Model TD Pump Control Panel

Model TD control panel (Timed Dosing) is an installer friendly, reliable means of controlling one singe phase effluent pump for on-site septic installations. Time dosing prevents soil or system overload.


A low-level cutout float overrides the timer to prevent the pump from running dry. An alarm float activates the audio / visual alarm system indicating a high liquid level.


Product features are 10" X 8" X 4" enclosure, alarm beacon / horn, silencer switch, programmable timer, pump circuit breaker, magnetic motor contactor, control and alarm fuses, and terminal blocks.

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Financing for SJE Rhombus level controls and alarms

SJE Rhombus is a pioneer in time dosing to prevent the overload of drain field soils. You can get a wide variety of liquid level sensing, flow control, monitoring and alarm systems. We can provide switches or panels one-at-a-time or in quantities and packaging for your most demanding OEM applications.

We have been providing wastewater systems for 90 years

  • Sand filter systems

  • Pressure distribution systems

  • Mound systems

  • Drip systems

  • Or any application requiring timed dose control.

  • Pump starters

  • Custom panels

  • Alternators

  • Hydro pneumatic controls

  • Electrode alarms

  • Tel-A-Signal systems

  • Panels to print

Applications of SJE Rhombus control panel and alarms: